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Kirk Woodend Photography is a South Wales wedding photography studio with offices and photographers in dream weaver farm, Tumble, Pontyberem, Llanelli SA14 7BU, United Kingdom. We are a tight knit team of award winning wedding photographers and artists with over a decade of wedding industry experience..

We do incredibly fun and easy wedding photography! Our unparalleled professionalism and talent means you will get amazing photos and videos that will last longer than your Instagram feed. Throughout the wedding planning process, you can expect clear communication, expert advice, technical and creative talent and some serious fun.

We also know that marriage comes in all shapes and sizes. We have experience in both micro marriage and escape and we want to bring your experience and skills to your more intimate marriage.

David Smith & Sarah Jones

This couple has done a great job in our consultation and discussion. We have given them wonderful pictures for the rest of their lives.

Abdalla & Sophie

This truly amazing couple bought, smiles and tears for everyone present. Our photography is great inexperience.

Robbie & Magie

Awesome couple their hilarious moments we captured in all the album photos their actors were awesome we had a tremendous experience working with them

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Located in South Wales, our beautiful adventure photography is directed by Kirk Woodend . To capture the real moments with his eyes, he will give you beautiful and natural pictures that you can hold for a lifetime.

Latest Projects

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