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Kirk Woodend is a freelance wedding photographer Who is one of the best wedding photographers based in South Wales, UK. Wedding photography is an art, Many brides and grooms have taken the wedding ceremony to a more artistic level. Bringing novelty to the wedding festival with new themes, clothing ideas, locations.

Today’s blog: understanding the importance of selecting the right photographer, at the right time and solutions to wedding photography in this wedding season.

When to contact: The most straightforward answer is, discuss your requirement with kirk woodend photography as soon as you have a date in mind. Unlike many self-proclaimed professionals in Carmarthenshire and UK photography industry, we make the whole process straightforward. Our website is designed to be client-friendly;

  1. Firstly Select Your Wedding Package. 
  2. Date.
  3. Time/Photographer.
  4. Any additional extras. 
  5. Next, click the pay now button, where you’ll be given a choice to pay a 25% deposit or pay in full. Once payment has been successful, you’ll be directed to an easy to complete form covering details like names, addresses and photo style you’re after, and not to worry, if you are unsure of any of the questions, give me a call.

When completing the form, it is essential on Address Details that you notably add the county, e.g. (Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Swansea) Etc.

Taking wedding photos is not about disturbing you on your special day. It is for that reason we like to cover all parts of wedding photography beforehand. Remember, Photography is an art. Whether it be studio photography, event photography, fashion or wedding photography, it is our job as the artist to capture the actual life cherishing moment. you’ll see on many finished results with other photographers that when a moment is fabricated, then the art is over!

So a genuinely professional photographer has to be the kind who only clicks when the picture is ready to be taken, not one who holds down the button hoping to achieve a nice image.


It is therefore necessary to book the wedding photographer as soon as possible as the good ones go fast.

 When booking directly with Kirk Woodend Photographer, we always make it possible to talk about the packages we offer via online Chat, Calls or even over WhatsApp. This includes before and or after bookings.

i am a very approachable photographer who is always willing to help where he can, and remember your employing us to capture your south wales weddings; we’re not hiring you.

Anyone can book me as a photographer from Studio photography sessions as either an individual, family or pet, fashion, events and even cookbook Photography. When booking me for a wedding online, there must be a minimum period of one month to be eligible for the 25% deposit, Please call for last-minute cancellations.

Why choose a photographer first: as an artist, i want to present you with a photo album of your wonderful day. I’ve always said i love the idea that i am the first to capture the first moments of the rest of your lives together.

 The photographer needs to understand: Wedding photography is not just about the bride and groom! Wedding photography is the perfect frame to capture the joy of two families. So there is a need to introduce the family relatives.

If you can’t find someone’s picture later, you shouldn’t scold him. Surely the photographer does not know all the family friends, and it is that reason we ask you to complete the simple form. However, on the day, is it always a good idea if you have time, introduce yourself in advance.

There is no substitute for faith: It is not just a package calculation for taking wedding photos. One of the best kirk Woodend photography You can visit kirk Woodend photography website and Facebook page and Instagram kirk Woodend photography To get the best service, you can book now or contact the official contact number.

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Located in South Wales, our beautiful adventure photography is directed by Kirk Woodend . To capture the real moments with his eyes, he will give you beautiful and natural pictures that you can hold for a lifetime.

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